Dear Sirs,

Constantly changing environmental, safety and construction regulations make it more and more difficult to carry out the investment process or to operate installation regardless of its size. Eko-Globe integrates and applies interdisciplinary knowledge, skills and experience of its experts in each of the above fields. We have a substantive preparation and experience in the field of environmental protection in energy, gas and oil, waste processing as well as chemical, agricultural, and many other.

Safety and architecture represent a new strong branch of our business created as a result of many years of national and international experience. Modern and innovative approach to safety being treated as a value and not as a duty will change the approach to safety of any business.rojects carried out by our architect give each initiative an individual and modern character and they perfectly harmonize with provisions of Health, Safety and Environment.

Entrusting your business in our hands, you gain a professional team of consultants with well-established experience. Knowledge of many different industries and communication tools means that our clients can expect us to provide comprehensive services in the field of design, safety and environment.

We speak English.