Multi-sector projects:

Including following branches: architecture, construction, electricity, sanitation, ventilation, technological;

Projects at the conceptual, construction (necessary for the building permit), as well as executive stages and adaptation of final projects;

Documentation for the construction of a new facility, as well as rebuilding, adaptation, superstructure and changes in the use of existing facilities;

Expertise, arrangements, opinions (e.g. construction, sanitary, fire protection, geotechnical, conservatory);

Counseling on technical-construction regulations;

Preparation of applications:

(e.g. for a zoning decision, for exemption of agricultural landfrom agricultural production, for a derogation from technical construction regulations, a certificate of independence of premises);

Authorial supervision;


Assistance in conducting administrative proceedings , e.g. by building supervision authorities;

Inventories of premises and buildings (including plants covered by conservational protection);

The project is a prototype. This is an idea formed by the designer to the possibility of its implementation. Shaping your plans and dreams is a pleasure for us.


Disassembly of the existing service building and the construction of a two-storey service building, gastronomic
with office rooms for part of the floor" in Swinoujscie – inventory, concept, design technology, construction project.
„Reconstruction and renovation of the pavilion gastronomic with the construction of the suspended roof and
garden with its own floor" in Swinoujscie – inventory, visualization, technological design, construction project.

Construction of free standing single-family building with the necessary technical infrastructure" in Swinoujscie –
visualizations, conceptual design, construction design.

Construction of the swimming pool hall for functions of indoor swimming pool in the building of holiday resort"
in Swinoujscie – inventory, conceptual design, construction design.

The project to adapt the service premises for currency exchange" in Swinoujscie – technical documentation.

Superstructure of the building of catering facility to the historic tower of the Lutheran Church" in Swinoujscie –
conceptual design, technological design, construction project.

Change in Use and reconstruction of premises for catering service and installation of an awning on the facade
of the building" in Swinoujscie – technological design, construction project.

Adaptation of rooms in  dining room at the second floor of the holiday resort" in Swinoujscie – technological

„Reconstruction project of utility room for toilet in the building of collective residential (apartments)" in
Swinoujscie – inventory, concept, construction design.

Change in use of the catering – restaurant for children's club – nursery" in Swinoujscie – inventory, technological
design, documentation for notification.

Adaptations of commercial premises for dining options” – inventories, technological designs.

Arrangements of the apartments or certain spaces with the existing furniture”- to improve the functionality and
ergonomics of rooms – inventories, visualization, conceptual designs, technical documentation.

Documentation of reconstruction of buildings.

Projects of renovations of insulation and building facades color patterns.

Designs of shelters (cafe terraces, as a cover for waste bins etc.).

Reconstruction of dwellings (residential, gastronomic, etc.).

Projects of small houses recreational, economic, etc.

Reconstruction of residential building with a garage and service premises in Swinoujscie" – inventory,
visualization, conceptual and construction design, application for independence premises.

Adaptation of the economic building for an apartment in Chomino" – conceptual design, visualization.

Superstructure of two residential buildings of single-family buildings" in Swinoujscie – inventory, concept,
construction design.

Reconstruction of the roof of a single-family residential building" in Swinoujscie – inventory, construction design.

Extension, superstructure and reconstruction of the semi-detached single-family building of with a change in
usage of the utility room for the boiler room" in Swinoujscie – inventory, concepts, visualization, construction project.

Renovation with the warming of the front elevation of the building of single-family terraced houses" in
Swinoujscie – the documentation for the application.

„Reconstruction of the existing historical building” for tourist services building of individual recreation with residential
apartment "Baltic" in Międzyzdroje – visualizations, conservation inventory, construction design.

Construction of a residential building with underground parking" – conceptual design, visualizations.

Construction of service facilities for individual recreation” (periodic relaxation) with accompanying services and underground garages in Dziwnow" – housing concepts, conceptual design.


Expansion and reconstruction of the hospital building in the Remand Centre in Szczecin” – inventory, conceptual design, construction and executive design.

Construction of multifamily residential building with a garage in the underground floor and the necessary
technical infrastructure" in Szczecin – construction and executive design.


Pumping stations and pipelines in Szczecin – Grabow and Dolny Brzeg – executive projects

Design of summer garden in Orła Białego square in Szczecin- conceptual design.

Modernization and extension of the association building for the culture center in Dziwnów" – inventory,
conceptual and construction design, visualizations.

Construction of a residential building with utility rooms in Starzyce – visualization, construction design.

Construction of a residential – service building in Gryfino; – visualizations, conceptual and construction design.

Expansion of single family building in Szczecin – visualizations solid, conceptual design.