Health & Safety

Constant supervision by performing OSH duties in the enterprise.

OHS training (initial and periodic) for all employee groups:

Training for employers (validity – 5 years),

Training for persons managing the employees (validity – 5 years),

Training for administrative and office employees (validity – 6 years),

Training for workers (validity – 3 years or 1 year depending on the character of work),

Training for engineering and technical employees (validity – 5 years).

Research and evaluation of work environment conditions (chemical and physical factors) by an approved laboratory

Selection of personal and collective protective equipment, Consulting on preparation of standards for allocation of work wear and PPE,Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Assessment of Health and Safety condition in your company audit verifying the documentation and preparation of a report containing the proposed changes.

Preparing and presenting at least once a year, periodic analyzes of Health and Safety status.

Developing and reviewing health and safety instructions at the workplace,

Development of Health and Safety Plans,

Development of plans and procedures of workplaces,

Keeping records of harmful, carcinogenic and biological factors, as well as occupational diseases and suspicion of such diseases, Cooperation with the doctor holding the preventive health care over employees, particularly organization of periodic medical examinations of employees, Preparation of post- incident documentation: appointment of a post – incident team, taking photos and sketches of the incident site, collecting statements from victims and witnesses, preparation of a post – incident report making the incident ordinance, preparation of statistical reports of incidents at work, making the register of occupational incidents preparing the documentation required by the Department of Social Insurance to apply for benefits payable to the employee having the social insurance.

Representing the company facing state control institutions (the National Labour Inspectorate,

State Sanitary Inspection).

First Aid training, Promoting Health and Safety in your company
Promoting safety at work aims at raising awareness of employers and employees on the above issues and changing their attitudes on pro-safe. Promotional activities make employees realize the existence of hazards associated with their work, and employers – that working conditions have a direct impact on the performance of the company.
Development of Health and Safety Culture

Implementing a program of health and safety culture in the company is an effective way of fighting the rising spate of incidents, hazards and poor safety culture. It is a system of education which aims at changing the awareness involving the creation of sense of responsibility for every action that employers and employees perform and arousing the needand hope to shape the culture of safety.

Increased awareness of employees in the field of Health and Safety improves processes of identification and risk assessment, designing installations and equipment, monitoring systems of technological processes, procedures to deal with incidents, as well as many other aspects.

Implementation of Safety Culture influences shaping the company image among customers, business partners and society.


We also offer our services in the field of FIRE PREVENTION by:

Constant supervision by performing tasks of fire safety inspector in your company (through advice, reviewing workplaces, reviewing of fire roads evacuation routes).

Developing and updating fire-fighting instructions Providing Fire safety training for all employees.

Evacuation drills .

Organizing fire extinguishers and fire protection equipment (fire hydrants, sprinklers) maintenance by specialized companies, Advising on the purchase of fire-fighting equipment (hydrants, fire extinguishers).

Representing the company in front of the State Fire Service.